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Grand Slam to return

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The tennis lovers get an opportunity to enjoy the duels of the next Grand Slam stage after the continuous pause filled with the small intermediate tournaments. World tennis stars are going to visit Franca and participate in the famous Roland Garros.


    Last year the victory was obtained by Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova in men and women competition respectively. This year they should do their best to defend the title. It won’t be easy because their opponents are quite strong. The struggles are supposed to be incredibly interesting.

    Roland Garros will testify the Spanish tennis legend, Rafael Nadal, who is winning different trophies one after another. The French competition will define whether Rafa is ready for the real combats or not.

    The main favourite in women competition is Serena Williams who collects the victories.

    One more fact – the first 8 participants from the top-10 world ranking will partake in the Roland Garros. The championship is supposed to give tennis admires unbelievable emotions.


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Tennis. Wimbledon championships. First combats

The famous tennis championships called Wimbledon got off the mark. The first British struggles shocked us, because there were sensations, surprises and even injuries.

Confederations Cup. Spain and Uruguay joined the top-company

The best 4 national teams of the Confederations Cup are defined. Brazil and Italy penetrated into the semifinal in the 2nd round and Spain with Uruguay kept the intrigue till the crucial stage. Thus, 4 teams composed the quarterfinal and continued their participation on the tournament.

Wimbledon. Tennis party to return

Recently the French Roland Garros came to an end but the tennis lovers shouldn’t worry because one more world famous championship is ahead. This tournament is called Wimbledon and it will take place in the London suburb.

Confederations Cup. Under the Brazilian pressure

To say that the match between Italy and Brazil was tense means to say nothing. It was the real football war – difficult for players and referees. The atmosphere was incredible tense and as a result it the first half 3 players were substituted. That match seemed to be the crucial round.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. Emirates

All the football lovers know the London “Arsenal”. This club has a rich history the integral parts of which are two stadiums – “Highbury” and “Emirates”. The first one has been already destroyed and it has been serving as the home arena for “Arsenal” till 2006 when the new stadium has been built and called “Emirates”.

Basketball. NBA winners

After the persistent and extremely interesting basketball struggle the NBA winner of the current season is defined. The final series was tense, because every team wanted to do their best, but only one could achieve the goal. There were 2 pretenders for the trophy – “Miami” and “San Antonio”.

Confederations Cup. Brazilian déjà vu and Italian-Japan balance

The second round of the Confederations Cup brought us extremely interesting duels. Brazilian team was playing against Mexico and Italy was resisting against Japan. We have seen marvelous goals and felt tense atmosphere.

NBA. The home stretch

The struggles in the North American basketball league are coming to an end. There are only 2 teams to challenge the desired trophy and the combat between them is incredible. Nobody wants to surrender. In the 6th match “San Antonio” had a chance to put an end to the competition but “Miami” made a huge effort and equalized the score in series.

Confederations Cup. Unexpected Tahiti

The first match of the Tahitian national team at the Confederations Cup became a little football miracle, because this team impressed the spectators and showed pretty good football. Nigeria overcame opponents, without a doubt, but it wasn’t one-man show.

Confederations Cup. Spanish technique and Italian power

The Brazilian tournament continues gladding football lovers with unforgettable matches. After the duel between Brazil and Japan we had an opportunity to observe the struggles where Italy and Spain partook. Their opponents were Mexico and Uruguay respectively.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. Petrovsky

Probably, the football Europe is less interested in the Russian stadiums with the exception of “Luzhniki”. Others are of no account for the European football lovers because they rarely host the International tournaments, but “Petrovsky” is something extraordinary. This stadium is not so famous as the majority of European ones, but a lot of football fans memorize it and emotions connected with “Petrovsky”.

Lewandowski against “Borussia”

    In the Dortmund “Borussia” there is a serious conflict between the club guidance and their leader Robert Lewandowski. The Polish footballer showed excellent results therefore he had a strong desire to change his club and join the Munich “Bavaria”.

The best football player of the week. Denis Garmash

Football season is over and all the clubs are going to make a pause till the new beginning on August. We will join them, but in our last item of the current season we want to emphasize one more footballer whose merits should be awarded. His name – Denis Garmash and he plays in the Ukrainian national team.

Confederations Cup to start

    On Saturday the 9th Confederations Cup tie will get off the mark. Traditionally this tournament is hosted by the country where the forthcoming World Championship is going to take place. This time it’s Brazil.

Roland Garros. Summaries

   We spoke a lot about the French tournament Roland Garros. Prognosis, commentaries, results of the events – everything was mentioned. In this item we are going to summarize one of the most important world tennis championships.

Legendary Brazil to return

Brazilian football team is considered as the best in the world for a lot of reasons. The representatives of this country are almost in each European club and Brazilian legends are known throughout the world. Pele, Garincha, Leonardo… This list goes on and on. This team won 5 World Football championships, but last the football Brazil lost the power. The team underwent generational shift and now it seems that Brazil is again gaining momentum. Everything will be clear during the forthcoming mundial which will be the home one for Brazil.

Roland Garros. Outcome

The French tennis tournament called Roland Garros is over. The winners were expected and there is no surprises and sensations, but nevertheless the championship managed to be interesting and spectacular.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. Heysel

The majority of the famous stadiums are situated on the territory of countries also known for the outstanding football clubs and national teams, but “Heysel” is the exception. This football arena is located in Belgium never famous for the high football quality or football legends. The only club well-known in Europe is “Anderlecht”, but nevertheless “Heysel” is one of the most famous European stadiums which saw ups and downs, joy and sorrow, victories and defeats.

Roland Garros. Unbelievable Nadal Vs incredible Djokovic

The Paris tournament impressed the tennis lovers by the semifinal battle between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. It was the duel of the sworn enemies, two tennis giants constantly challenging all the trophies. Their combat is always spectacular. This one wasn’t the exception.

Rolan Garros final participants

In women competition of the Parisian Roland Garros the names of the final match participants became known. The semifinal duels were extremely interesting and spectacular therefore the tennis lovers obtained a possibility to enjoy the unbelievable moments of the Grand Slam tournament.

Roland Garros. Roger is out of shape

    The first quarterfinals in men and women competitions ended. The atmosphere was incredibly tense. Some matches became the real combats because nobody wanted to miss the “ticket” to the Roland Garros semifinal.

The best football player of the week. Alvaro Negredo

Those who think that the result of the football match can’t depend on the individual skills should admit their mistake because one player is able to decide the outcome of the match. It was proved by Robert Lewandowski in the Champions League and Alvaro Negredo confirmed this theory in La Liga. Negredo’s “Sevilla” played against “Valencia” and the “Bats” needed a victory but Alvaro decided to spoil their party.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. Stade de France

Today we are going to visit France where the famous “Stade de France” is located. This stadium is only 15 years old but it has already become one of the best in the football Europe.

NHL. Quarterfinal battles results

Oversea hockey league is coming to an end. The quarterfinal stage is passed and the best 4 teams are defined to challenge the trophy in the last 2 rounds. Several results are quite unexpected, but in general semifinal consists of really best teams.

Massimo Ambrosini and Andrey Arshavin celebrate their birthdays

The outstanding Russian footballer Andrey Arshavin celebrates his 32th anniversary. Andrey is known for his dual reputation. On the one hand Arshavin is the source of various scandals but on the other hand his merits are great. Bronze medals of the European championship 2008 and UEFA Cup are among them.

Champions League. The Munich triumph. 12 years after

The Munich “Bavaria” was incredible in the current season and the logical conclusion of their effort became the Champions League Cup. In the final match the Munich footballers defeated compatriots from Dortmund whose game was quite well, but not well enough.

The best football player of the week. Arien Robben

The Holland footballer performed the real feat. Arien was reproved to waste the moments for scoring a goal but Robben proved that he was able to destroy such a stereotype.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. “Donbass Arena”

The majority of the European football stadiums got rich history but there some arenas whose history is just beginning. “Donbass Arena” is among them. This stadium was built 4 years ago and became the real decoration of Dotetsk.

Champions League final. The German battle

Nobody expected that the Champions League trophy would be challenged between two German teams – the Munich “Bavaria” and the Dortmund “Borussia”, but it happened.

Bundesliga. Summaries

Bundesliga said its adieux to the football battles till the next football season. The last stages of the German championships were the simple formality because there was no intrigue and the top-3 was defined earlier.

Football season. England. Summaries.

Most national football championships have been already ended. The winners are defined and medals are awarded. Now the teams are preparing for the next season and are thinking about transfer policy. English Premier league is the first league to say adieux to the football combats of the current year. 

Sir Alex, thanks for all

Last week-end “Manchester United” played the last match under the reign of the legendary coach, Sir Alex Ferguson. The ruler of “Mancunians” spent with “MU” 26 years and won 38 trophies. He became the real symbol of “ManUnited” and its integral part.

The best football player of the week. Bronislav Ivanovich

At the last week football admires had an opportunity to enjoy the crucial Europa League round. The trophy was being challenged by the London “Chelsea” and the Portuguese “Benfica”. The match was spectacular and equal but one footballer changed the course of the situation in his team’s favour.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. “Anfield”

    Speaking about the tribune energy we should outline the legendary “Anfield” which has been inciting the Liverpool team to fight for more than a century. The atmosphere of “Anfield” is incredible and this stadium is an integral part of the world football history.

Football week-end preview. 17.05

    National football championships are coming to an end and the majority of the European champions are already known. The intrigue is dying but several questions still exist.

Europa League final match. The curse is alive

The Bela Guttmann’s curse still exists. “Benfica” lost the 7th final match in the European cups. Today they showed good results and the strong desire for a victory but it wasn’t enough. “Chelsea” was much better and the proved it by scoring two goals and obtaining the victory.

Europa League final. The Portuguese curse

    It’s high time to define the best team of the current Europa League. There are two pretenders for the trophy – the London “Chelsea” and the Portuguese “Benfica”. They are equal. No favourites but one factor gives the English team advantage. The Portuguese team is cursed by their former coach Bela Guttmann who said that the Lisbon team wouldn’t be able to win any European cups for 100 years. We can say that it’s rubbish but “Benfica” participated in the European finals for 6 times but didn’t succeed. Let’s see whether Portuguese footballers are superstitious or not?

World Hockey Championship. Upside down

The World Hockey Championship came to the quarterfinal rounds and some participants of this stage are already known. The logic left Scandinavian countries for several days because the last results were quite unexpected.

Results of the football week-end. 13.05.

The last football week-end was marked by two main events – “Barcelona” won the Spanish championship for the 22th time. “Manchester United” obtained the new coach instead of the legendary Sir Alex. Besides there were other events.

The best football player of the week. Rio Ferdinand

In our weekly column we traditionally outline the best footballers of the week.  Today’s item is devoted to Rio Ferdinand who scored the goal in the match against “Swansea”. At the first blush this goal seems ordinary, one of hundreds goals scored each week, but the Rio’s goal is unusual.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. Alianz-arena

The majority of the world football arenas were built several decades ago but there some stadiums have been built not so long ago. The Munich “Alianz arena” is among them. This stadium represents football modernism. Two symbols of Bavarian football are hosted by “Alianz-arena” – “Munich 1860” taking place in the 1st Bundesliga division and “Bavaria” challenging the highest European peaks and being the best team in Germany nowadays.

World Hockey Championship. Unbelievable Switzerland and convincing Russia

World Hockey Championship is gaining momentum. All the prognosis and expectations are destroyed. New favourites appeared and the intrigue has increased. The main sensation of the tournament is the Swiss team which shows excellent results and pretends to be group A leaders.

Football weekend results. 06.05

In the European national Leagues there rested just a few matches and the season will be ended. The majority national championships have already known their leaders but nevertheless intrigue is still alive.

The best football player of the week. Oscar Cardozo

The main European football tournaments reached the home stretches. The Champions League final includes two German teams and the Europa League trophy will be challenged between the London “Chelsea” and the Portuguese “Benfica”. The last one had a pretty chance to be left out in the cold but one football genius changed the course of the situation. His name – Oscar Cardozo.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. Luzhniki

In our column we have already told you about the most famous stadiums of the football world but we hadn’t mentioned the Russian football arenas. In today’s issue we are going to visit the Moscow “Luzhniki” – the symbol of Russian football.

Football weekend preview. Champions League final match rehearsal

The next football weekend is supposed to give the football lovers unforgettable emotions. 2 more teams have an opportunity to become champions in their national leagues in the forthcoming weekend. The attention of the football world will be paid to the duel between “Bavaria” and “Borussia” in the German Bundesliga. Those teams will challenge the Champions League trophy. The intensity of emotions in the national championship is much weaker than in the crucial round of the main European tournament but it is the chance for both teams to learn each other’s weak points.

Europa League. Final participants are known

Amsterdam waits for two teams which will challenge the Europa League trophy on May 15. The semifinal stages were extremely tense and full of intrigue right up to the end. All the participants showed excellent game but the winners should be defined. They are – the Portuguese “Benfica” and the London “Chelsea”.

Europa League. The last step before Amsterdam

The football clubs which will challenge the trophy of the second important European football tournament, will be defined soon. There are 4 pretenders for the pass to Holland – the Portuguese “Benfica”, the Turkish “Fenerbahce”, the London “Chelsea” and the Swiss “Basel”. In the first leg two of them called themselves as favourites, but the advantage was minimal therefore the situation could be changed.

“Barcelona” – “Bavaria”. No wonders

    Before the second leg between “Barcelona” and “Bavaria” there were no doubts that the trophy will be challenged by the German. The only question was whether “Barca” would be able to return the supporters’ sympathy or not.

“Real” – “Borussia”. Dreams come true

    The first Champions League final match participant is already known. The miracle didn’t happen and the Dortmund team is given the chance to challenge the main trophy of the Old World. “Borussia” surpassed all the expectations in this season.

Champions League. The German occupation

The current Champions League is rich in the unexpected results. All the prognosis and expectations are destroyed and the results are not absolutely logical. Everything is possible: 4 goals scored in the semifinal, the change of the situation during 3 added minutes, the destroying of “Real”.

Ice hockey world championship. Outcome

    In the capital of the forthcoming Olympic Games the hockey championship among junior teams is brought to a conclusion. The best teams were challenging the trophy and the right to be called the best hockey team under 18. The results were amazing – the junior hockey players showed so excellent result that they were not worse than adults from NHL.

The best football player of the month. Robert Lewandowski

As usual, we outline the merits of the football masters in our column “The best football player”. Summarizing the results of the passing month we should pay our attention to the semifinal stages of the Champions League, which are already inscribed in the football history. “Bavaria” beat the Catalan “Barcelona” and the Madrilenian “Real” was defeated by one footballer whose name Robert Lewandowski. He surpassed all the expectations and proved that he was real genius of the world football.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. “San Siro”

Today we are going to visit extravagant Italy which was never indifferent to football. Apennine Peninsula can’t boast of the variety of great football arenas as Spain or the Foggy Albion but the Italian have stadiums which are proud of. The first association with Italian football is “San Siro” which has a rich history.

Ice hockey world championship. Under 18. Quarterfinals

The capital of the forthcoming Olympic Games is observing the ice battles between the best junior national teams. The quarterfinal stage is over therefore there lasted only 4 representatives of the hockey world. The great four comprises Finland, the USA, Canada and Russia. They defeated their opponent in the previous round without any problems.

The Europa League. Nothing clear

The Europa League is approaching to Amsterdam and the first legs of the semifinal stage are already finished but we are not able to define the favourites of these duels. All the opponents were equal but nevertheless some of them succeeded more.

Champions League. The Dortmund miracle

The duel between the Madrilenian “Real” and the Dortmund “Borussia” seemed the simple formality and nobody doubted that “Real” would be in the final match, but the German team had a strong desire to prove than they were also competitive and they succeeded. The Dortmund team drew the inspiration from the game of their Bavarian compatriots who defeated the other Spanish team.

Europa League. The great quartet

The Europa League semifinals are going to get off the mark. The penultimate stage consists of the best teams some of which surpassed all the expectations, because nobody expect to see them in crucial rounds. This respectful teams are the Turkish “Fenerbahce” and the Swiss “Basel”.

The Champions League. “Real” Vs “Borussia”

The second semifinal combat will be held between the Madrilenian “Real” and the Dortmund “Borussia”. The opponents are not quite equal, but they have the similar positions in their national championships therefore the duel is marked by silver colour. Both teams are pretenders only for the second podium positions in their national leagues.

“Bavaria” – “Barcelona”. The Munich revenge

The Champions League semifinal stage began with the duel between the Munich “Bavaria” and the Catalon “Barcelona”. This match was expected to be extremely spectacular, but frankly speaking the game was a bit monotonous. “Barca” has some problems because several key players are injured, these circumstances influenced the game of “blau-granas”.

Champions League. “Bavaria” Vs “Barcelona”

The Champions League is on the threshold of the crucial round on “Wembley”. There is one more stage which is expected to present all the football fans great emotions. Four best football teams are challenging the right to be called the best one. The ball will be opened in Munich where the home team, “Bavaria” will resist against the Catalan “Barcelona”.

The best football player of the week. Vyacheslav Malafeev

    In our previous columns we outlined the footballers who either scored the goal or helped to do it, but we shouldn’t forget that goalkeepers play one of the most important roles in each team, because they are the most responsible for the result. This week we want to outline the keeper of the St Petersburg “Zenit” – Vyacheslav Malafeev.

Monte-Carlo. Rafael Nadal’s victories ended

The tennis tournament in Monte-Carlo is brought to a conclusion and it was ended by the real combat which evoked the unforgettable emotions. Two tennis giants were challenging the trophy and their struggle was equal. Nobody wanted to surrender but the champion should be defined and it became Novak Djokovic

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. Wembley

Today we are going to visit the Foggy Albion once more and our aim is the British heart – London, where the great “Wembley” is situated. This stadium has rich history. Plenty of crucial tournaments were held at this famous football arena. “Wembley” was the witness of tears, disappointment and defeats, but the London giant also saw victories, triumph and joy. Speaking about “Wembley” we should describe two stadiums which were built at the same place. The first one came to existence in 1923. In 2003 it was demolished and the “New Wembley” appeared, up to date and more beautiful.

Tennis. Monte Carlo. The Battle of the Titans

The tennis season is approaching to the significant event – the tournament Rolan Garros, but all the tennis world forgot for instance about others competitions, because the attention of the tennis admires is paid to Monte Carlo where the championship is in the culminating point. There are only two pretenders for the trophy and both are the great tennis giants.

Ice hockey. The Gagarin Cup will stay in Moscow.

    The Continental Hockey League is brought to a conclusion. All the teams showed their excellent result. The champion is expected and the Gagarin Cup was won by the Moscow “Dynamo”. The capital team obtained the second victory in the tournament in succession.

Ice hockey world championship. U 18

    In the capital of the forthcoming Olympic games the World Ice Hockey Championship under 18 got off the mark. The first match was held between the home Russian team and the operating champions from the United States. The American hockey players were expected to win easily, but we will say this for our compatriot, they did their best.

Tennis in Monaco. The increasing intrigue

The tennis tournament in Monte Carlo is gaining momentum. The quarterfinal participants are already known. Several results are quite unexpected but in general the great 8 is formed by the best tennis players.

Golf. Sport for the elite

Sport is represented by various disciplines all of which are extraordinary and exciting. Everybody can find the kind of sport according to the own interest, but not all sport discipline are available for the average person. There are several kinds of sport which are the part of the elite. The main representative of this class is golf.

Chess. The power of intellect

Sport is polyhedral and versatile sphere where each person can find something individual according to his interest and life position. The majority of kinds of sport need complete physical dedication but there are some kinds of sport demanding just intellectual strength. The bright representative of such a group is chess which was always the characteristic feature of aristocracy.

Tennis. The stop in Monte Carlo

The next stages of the Grand Slam are approaching but there are some intermediate tournaments before them. One of such intermediate tournaments will be held in Monte Carlo. The championship is expected to be extremely interesting because all the world tennis stars are going to take part in this competition.

The best football player of the week. Lionel Messi

We told you that the best world football masters had a few chances to be considered as the best ones in our column. The only condition for them was to make an incredible effort and to show the unbelievable results. Such a moment has come and we recognize Leo Messi as the best football player of the last week.

National football leagues. The summaries of the football week-end.

The European football teams should play just several matches in their national leagues and the championships would be ended therefore the intrigue is coming to its boiling point. Everybody is eager to get the medals, but only the best will achieve it. The champions of several leagues are already known and there the struggle continues for the 2nd and the 3rd positions.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy. Santiago Bernabeu

We have already visited the Catalan “Camp Nou” and now we are going to Madrid where we can see “Santiago Bernabeu”, the second famous Spanish stadium. This football arena is the home one for the main contestant of the Barcelonan club, the Madrilenian “Real”. Two main Spanish stadiums are of the best in the world, but they are sworn enemies. “Camp Nou” will never be hospitable for the supporters of “Real” and “Santiago Bernabeu” hates “Barca” fans.

The Europa League. Swiss drama and other quarterfinals

The semifinal participants of the Europa League are already known and most of them are absolutely expected. The favourites proved their advantage once more, but one duel surpassed all the expectations and was one of the best in the Europa League. It was the match between the Swiss “Basel” and the English “Tottenham”.

Champions League quarterfinals. Summaries

In the main European football tournament the quarterfinal final stage is over and four teams are waiting for the draw which will take place in the Swiss Njon on April 12. All the football players did their best and the results were predicted, but nevertheless all the football clubs showed an excellent, competitive game – some of them succeeded, some of them – not.

The Champions League. The history is rewritten

The first quarterfinals are over and we know the first semifinals participants of the Champions League. The first one is predicted and ordinary and the second one surpassed all the expectations in the current eurocup season. The second duel between the Dortmund “Borussia” and the Spanish “Malaga” will be inscribed in the football history.

The Champions League. The last quarterfinals stages

The Champions League is gradually coming to its crucial rounds. The second legs in quarterfinal are ahead therefore the struggle in the last matches is expected to be extremely tense and spectacular and the teams will do their best for obtaining the place in the semifinal.

Hockey. The Gagarin Cup. Crucial round

The Gagarin Cup will be challenged between the Moscow “Dynamo” and the Chelyabinsk “Traktor”. They became champions in their conferences and the crucial struggle will determine the best team of the European continent.

The best football player of the week. Fernando Torres

The first legs in the Eurocup quarterfinals, all the football players tried to do their best and we should outline the best one who made difference in his team. We consider Fernando Torres, the football player of the London “Chelsea” as the best footballer of the last week. Our choice isn’t pleasant for the Russian fans, because it was the Kazan “Rubin” whom Fernando scored twice.

Franck Ribery celebrates his 30th birthday

Franck Ribery, the football player of the Munich “Bayern” and the French national team, celebrates his anniversary. In his team Franck is one of the most aged but just under the passport. The years don’t take their. Ribery is a real engine of the Bavarian team. Ribery shows excellent results and his perseverance brings victories for “Bayern”.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy

    We have already visited the Brazilian “Maracasa”, the Catalonian “Camp Nou” and now we are going to have a voyage to the Foggy Albion, where each stadium is the part of the British history. England is considered as the Motherland of football, that’s why this kind of sport is an integral part of the sirs’ lifestyle. Today we will learn the history of “Old Trafford”, the home stadium of the legendary “Manchester United”.

The Europa League. The first quarterfinals results

The first quarterfinals in the Europa League and we are able to analyze the matches and make some conclusion, but let’s not hurry up because all the teams can surpass all the expectation and impress us in a positive way.

Champions League visited Spain

The Champions League quarterfinals are walking in Europe. This time the tournament visited Spain. Madrid and Malaga got the chance to see the best quality of football game. There were no unexpected results but intrigue was incredible.

Europa League. Quarterfinal preview

    The Champions League quarterfinals have already started and now it’s turn of the Europa League. There are only 8 participants challenging the second important European trophy. Now the Europa League is going to get rid of 4 participants and to chose only best ones to continue the struggle. Let’s remember the football teams which still have an opportunity to win the tournament.

The Champions League. Peace in Paris and war in Munich

The Champions League quarterfinals got off the mark and the first participants were PSG, “Barcelona”, “Bavaria” and “Juventus”. The Parisian team resisted against the powerful Catalan team and they succeeded.

The Champions League. Quarterfinals

The main football tournament of the Old World is coming to its culmination. The amount of participants is decreased to 8 and they are the strongest teams challenging the trophy. The struggle in quarterfinals is expected to be extremely tense and all the football teams are about to do their best.

Tennis in Miami. Summaries

    In Miami, the USA, the tennis championship is brought to its conclusion. There were several unexpected results, some injuries, but nevertheless the winners are really best players.

The best football player of the week

We continue our weekly column in which the achievements of the most outstanding football players of the last week are marked. Such football masters as Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and others have very little chances to be nominated in our column because brilliant game and excellent results are ordinary for them and we are finding out some kind of exploits.

    The best football player of the last week is Vladimir Dyadyun from the Kazan “Rubin”.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy

    Our weekly column is going on and we are going to tell you about one more world famous stadium and the history of its creation. Last time we visited Brazil and saw the marvelous “Maracana” and now our attention is transferred to the European continent. We go to Catalonia and call to our mind the history of “Camp Nou”.

The unexpected “Chelsea”, convincing “Manchester” and other results of week-end

The next matches were held in the English Premier League and the results were quite different. “Manchester United” obtained the expected victory over “Sunderland”. Their “neighbors”, “Manchester City” defeated “Newcastle” by putting 4 goals in the back of their net. The London “Arsenal” beat “Reding” – 4 goals were scored in the outsider’s target. And “Chelsea” screwed up – they weren’t able to break the resistance of “Southempton” and the London team was unexpectedly beaten by the Premier League outsider.

Football week-end preview

The next eliminatory matches are over, the football players showed their professional skills in national teams and now it’s high time for national championships to continue. In most countries the football leaders are already known, but nevertheless the intrigue still exists.

    In the English Premier League the leaders are going to play with outsiders, so they are expected to have no problems. The league leader “Manchester United” will play against “Sunderland”, “ManCity” is going to test the strength of “Newcastle”, “Chelsea” will try to break the resistance of “Southempton” and “Liverpool” will measure themselves with “Aston Willa” which is not so good as in previous years.

Basketball. The Euroleague ULEB is coming to the play-off rounds

    In the Euroleague ULEB penultimate matches of the group stage are over. The quartet of leaders is unchangeable but there are several permutations within its structure. The Moscow CSKA climbed to the top because of brilliant game against the Madrilenian “Real”. The Spaniards hoped to defeat the Moscow team, but they didn’t succeed. Now CSKA is the group ranking leader.

Miami tennis championship. Sharapova is the first final match participant

In Miami, the USA, the Tennis Sony Open tournament is gradually is being brought to a conclusion. The quarterfinals in men competition and semifinals in women ones are ending, so soon we will know the names of the champions.

Tennis Sony Open. The tournament culmination

        In Miami, the USA, the most famous world tennis masters are challenging the trophy and the crucial duels are close. In women competition the semifinal participants are already known and in men competitions the quarterfinal stages got off the mark. There were several sensations and unexpected results and the tournament became more interesting and spectacular.

Eliminatory matches. The group leaders are already known

The second wave of the eliminatory matches is over and we had an opportunity to see interesting, tense and spectacular duels. After these series of matches the situation in most sextets is more or less clear. All the teams have excellent chances to change the course but the leaders are gaining the handicap.

Miami. Tennis. Quarterfinals are ahead

    The tennis tournament in Miami is narrowing the range of participants, leaving the strongest, who will challenge the trophy. Refusals of the world tennis stars Viktoria Azarenko and Venus Williams weakened the championship a bit, but nevertheless there is a wide range of professionals who show brilliant results.

Eliminatory matches. The second wave

The first wave of the eliminatory matches after a winter pause is over. The national teams were trying to do their best: some of them succeeded, some of them not, but nevertheless all the football “armies” have an opportunity to correct the mistakes or to prove the class and the advantage once more.

The best football player of the week

Dear football admirers. We open new weekly column, in which the best football player of the week will be chosen. We notice national championships, duels for Eurocups, eliminatory and even friendly matches. You can agree with our opinion or express an opposite view in comments. You viewpoint is extremely interesting for us.

    We recognize Teemu Pukki as the best player of the last week.

Tennis in Miami is coming to crucial rounds

In the USA the tennis lovers’ attentions is paid to the Miami tournament which is coming to its boiling point. This championship gave several surprises for spectators but the main favourits continue their struggle for the trophy, and soon we will see the confrontations of the world tennis masters.

Formula 1 visited Malaysia

The Formula One is speeding up the tempo. The second Grand-Prix took place in Malaysia and it brought the race admirers plenty of positive emotions. The last World Champion – the German racer Sebastian Vettel proved that he was in an excellent shape.

Great stadiums. The tribune energy

The majority of people adore football. This marvelous game depends on various factors – professionalism of players, the pitch quality, referees, but it’s not all. One of the crucial factors which influences the football events is stadium. The tribunes filled with supporters encourage their favourits, so the home games are played much well than away games. We will tell you about the most famous world stadiums in our weekly column “Great stadiums. The tribune energy”.

The Russian victories in Miami

    The Miami tennis tournament is gaining momentum. The world masters are challenging the trophy and the right to be called the best tennis player. Several unexpected results are already took place in Miami, but the main struggle will break out in the quarterfinal and semifinal matches.

Football. Eliminatory matches. Spanish walks and Ukrainian triumph

The next eliminatory series for the Brazilian mundial was marked by several sensations. The results are quite logical, all the teams were trying to do their best, some of them succeeded some of that weren’t lucky, but nevertheless the series was interesting and extremely spectacular.

Tito Vilanoa will return in Catalonia

The Catalan “Barcelona” coach finally returns to his duties. Tito had to miss the continuous period, so his team was without the mentor. In the end of December 2012 Vilanoa was examined by doctors and they founded a cancerous tumor. He had to go to New York for treatment.

Eliminatory matches are back

After a winter pause the main football tournaments are coming back. The spectators are enjoying the European leagues and national championships. Now it’s the turn of eliminatory matches for the Brazilian mundial 2014.

Miami became the capital of the world tennis for several days

In Miami the next tennis tournament got off the mark. It is supposed not to be less spectacular than the Californian Indian-Wells. There are some loses. Rafael Nadal, the winner of the Californian championship refused to participate in this tournament. So did Roger Federer. But in women competition we have an opportunity to see again the sisters Williams and the Belorussian tennis player Viktoria Azarenko who ended Indian-Wells in the quarterfinal stage because of an injury.

Gagarin cup. The home stretches

In Russia the hockey struggle for the Gagarin Cup is continuing and the best team will be awarded the desirable trophy. The quarterfinals were brought to a conclusion and all the semifinals participants are already known.

Fernando Torres celebrates his 29th birthday

    The “Chelsea” football player Fernando Torres is 29. He inscribed his name in the world football history. Fernando shows brilliant and effective game. Torres is also an integral part of the Spanish national team and he help the Spaniards to win various trophies and titles. Fernando’s goal in the final match of the European football championship 2008 brought the Spanish team the desirable cup.

National championships. The leaders are already known. The struggle has been ended

European football national tournaments have chosen the champions. The intrigue died and the first places are occupied by the powerful teams which did their best in this season. So these teams will be awarded the first prize.

Aleksandr Ovechkin scored his 350th goal

Aleksandr Ovechkin shows brilliant results in the transatlantic league. He is the “Washington Capitals” leader and one of the best NHL players. We can’t imagine this championship without the Russian hockey player. Aleksandr brakes all the barriers and sets new records.

Biathlon. Farewell. Till the next winter.

The biathlon season is brought to a conclusion. The outstanding masters ended the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. The results of the last stage are quite unexpected but nevertheless the real masters became champions and proved their advantage.

California congratulates BNP Paribas Open champions

The Indian-Wells tennis tournament is over and we’ve learned the names of the best tennis players. There are no great sensations and the champions are real masters, but nevertheless such results are quite unexpected. In men competition the victor is the Spaniard Rafael Nadal and the best women of the championship is the Russian Maria Sharapova.

Indian-Wells. The home stretch

The Canadian championship is coming to an end. Previous stages and rounds are over and now we have an opportunity to see very interesting and exciting final matches where real world tennis masters are about to measure themselves.

Biathlon. The favourites showed unexpected results

    In Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia the regular world biathlon cup stage continues. The results of this tournament are quite unexpected. Tora Berger lost the second race and Daria Domracheva wasn’t able to get even into the “top-10”. Martin Fourcade also passed by the golden medal.

World figure skating championship in Canada

    The figure skating championship in Canada is coming to an end. The world masters were showing their skills and professionalism. The championship included men and women short programs, free skating and pair short program and short dance.

Maria Sharapova and Karolina Wozniacki in the Indian-Wells final match

    The Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova passed to the final match of the Californian tournament. She defeated her compatriot Maria Kirilenko and got an opportunity to win the championship. In men competition there was a sensation – the Argentinean del Potro beat the British tennis player Andy Marrey. This result was quite unexpected.

Rafael Nadal defeated Roger Federer

    The Californian Indian-Wells is coming to an end. The semifinal participants in women competition are already known and two semifinal representatives haven’t defined yet in men competition.

Europa League. The quarterfinals are ahead

In the Europa League round of 16 all the duels are over and all the quarterfinal representatives are already known. There were several teams that became real sensations.

Indian-Wells. Favourites are already known. The main struggles ahead

In California the world tennis masters continue their struggles. Lots of sportsmen lost their duels and ended participating in the tournament, only the strongest lasted. They are about to challenge the trophy.

Champions League. The last quarterfinal participants.

That’s all. The round of 16 is over and we know the representatives of the quarterfinal. The last two “permits” were challenged between the Munich “Bavaria” and the London “Arsenal”; the Portuguese “Porto” and the Spanish “Malaga”.

Biathlon. The last stage

Biathlon will give his adieu to the supporters till the next winter. Numerous World Cup stages are over but the last one will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia.

Barca. Barca. Baaaarca.

The Catalan stadium “Camp Nou” has been waiting for this moment three weeks. Moment of glory. “Barcelona” destroyed the Italian club and proved that the great “Barca” is still alive. The Catalan team showed brilliant game and the result wasn’t against the run of it. “Barca” totally defeated the opponent.

Indian-Wells. Round of 16.

In California the struggles of the world tennis masters continue and all the round of 16 participants are already known. The most interesting duels are ahead and we are waiting for the tournament culmination.

Champions League. What will “Barca” able to do against “Milan”

On Tuesday and Wednesday we will have an opportunity to watch the last matches of the Champions League round of 16. Without a doubt the key match is the duel between the Catalan “Barcelona” and the Italian “Milan”. “Blau-granas” has to take back the handicap. The Catalan supporters throughout the world ask each other question: “Can “Barca” win the duel?” They believe that “Barca” can.

Indian-Wells. Next duels

    In California the Indian-Wells tournament continues which is also called the 5th Great Slam stage. The world tennis masters try to prove their class and advantage. The main Russian hope Maria Sharapova, which obtained the convincing victory over the Spaniard Navarro. Maria won two sets and passed to the next stage.

Football week-end. First matches in the Russian championship after a pause

The Russian championship continued and the first results impressed us. The key match was the duel between the Europa League participants – “Zenit” and “Rubin”. The St Petersburg team was supposed to win this game, but the Kazan football players had other plans for that match. The opponents were exchanging attacks but the fortune smiled on “Rubin” and they defeated “Zenit” 1:0. CSKA beat “Krylya Sovetov” and the Makhachkala “Anzhi” was defeated by the outsider “Mordovia”. It was a real sensation.

Sochi says “good bye” to the biathlon masters

The next biathlon cup stage came to an end and Sochi made its adieus till the next winter when the Olympic games would take place. Lots of biathletes got the medals, but there were plenty of sportsmen who lost their opportunity.

The iron man. Chuck Norris celebrates his 73rd anniversary

Chuck Norris is 73 today but we are not able to judge his age because Chuck is in extremely good shape now. He plays parts in various films showing his strength and power on the screen. Norris can give odds to lots of young actors.

Biathlon. Russian medal and French victory

The next biathlon world cup stage is coming to an end. It lasts just two races which will take place on March 10 and then Sochi will say us “good bye” till the Olympic Games. There are the evident favourites who did their best in this season and should be awarded the first prize. They are – Martin Fourcade in men competition and Tora Berger in women.

Ornella Muti. The symbol of the Italian cinema celebrates her 58th anniversary

Ornella is an outstanding Italian star and she really became one of the symbols of the Italian cinematograph. She played parts in films that have became very popular then. She succeeded in her professional sphere without a doubt.

The Russian football championship will continue

Russian teams continue their struggle for the trophy. Football players had a rest and now they are ready to show their best. The first position in the ranking is now occupied by the Moscow CSKA. “The Militarians” are going to develop the exciting result and to obtain a handicap.

Europa League. Round og 16. The first legs

The first legs in the Europa League round of 16 are over and we have both expected and unexpected results. Without a doubt that all the teams had no desire to risk, so these matches weren’t extremely spectacular.

Sochi welcomes biathlon masters. The first victories

The next  biathlon cup stage got off the mark in Sochi, Russia. All the strongest masters are challenging the awards and world ranking points. This championship have already brought some unexpected results.

“Juventus” proved the class, “Valencia” couldn’t break the Parisian resistance

  “Juventus” defeated the Scottish “Seltic” and the Parisian beat the Spanish “Valencia”. “The Celts” had no chances to resist the Turin team, but “the Bats” had an opportunity to change the course of the duel, but they didn’t succeed.

NHL matches. Victories and defeats

The regular matches are over in the National Hockey League. Some teams celebrate victories, some clubs were beaten. Our compatriots Ovechkin and Datsuk with their teams defeated the opponents and Ilya Kovalchuk felt the bitterness of defeat. “New Jersey” lost the match against “Tampa-Bay”

The Madrilenian “Real” and the Dortmund “Borussia” continue the struggle for the trophy

    “The Royal club” visited Manchester and played against “Manchester United”. The first leg score was the draw 1:1 and the main accent was put on the “Old Trafford” which has chosen the champion.

The adventures of the Russian Obelix Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu escaped from France because of high taxes and now the outstanding actor is the Russian citizen. He became “persona grata”, so Gerard enjoyed all the privileges of a VIP-person.

    The president of Chechen Republic Ramsan Kadyrov presented Depardieu a special gift – a flat in Groznyi, but it wasn’t according to the law. In Russian there are lots of activists movements and one of those gropes Rostislav Antonov applied the prosecutor  because the illegality of the action of the presenting a flat. Gerard got the flat according to the social rent agreement which can be complied between the state and needy citizens. Depardieu doesn’t belong to this class without a doubt.

    Antonov insists on canceling this decision. He defends the rights of ordinary people for obtaining a flat. They have been waiting for it for several years and Gerard got his flat after two months being the Russian.

    Surely that the flat will belong to Depardieu but the Russian activists will spoil a bit Gerard’s paradise because he didn’t know about such movements and patriots.

Who knows? Maybe Depardieu will come back in France because of such conflicts? He wasn’t ready for it, he supposed that the Russian should thank Depardieu for being his compatriots. 

Indian-Wells welcomes the world tennis masters

Several preparatory stages are over and now the tennis players will face to the real challenges. The strongest tennis masters will fight for trophies, awards and world ranking positions. They should determine the favourite before the next Great Slam stage – “Rolan Garos”.

Rafa Nadal shows good results

The Spaniard Rafa Nadal recovered after the knee injury and began to get in his excellent shape. Several weeks ago Nadal won the Sao Paolo tournament and now Rafael obtained the victory in Acapulco, Mexico. The Spaniards make a little effort for getting the victory.

“Old Trafford” is waiting for a real struggle

    This week 4 matches of the Champions League will take place. The key duel wil be between the Madrilenian “Real” and “Manchester United” from England.

Biathlon. Norway has passed by. The next stage is Sochi

One more World Biathlon Cup stage is over. The Norwegian Oslo and Holmenkollen brought different results and now the biathletes are preparing for the last stages which will take place in Sochi and Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia.

Hockey. The struggle for the Gagarin Cup

While the American and Canadian clubs are fighting for the Stanley Cup, the Russian teams are challenging the Gagarin Cup. 16 clubs are divided into two conferences: the East one and the West one. In the East conference the quarterfinal participants are already known and in the West the combats continue.

Biathlon. Results of pursuits.

The women pursuit was held according to the usual scenario – Tora Berger won her next gold and the other medals are challenged by the other participants. The Norwegian obtained her next victory, the silver medal would go to France, it was won by Dorin Habert, and the Slovenian Anna Kuzmina occupied the third position of the podium.

Euroleague ULEB. CSKA defeated “Alba”, “Khimki” are beaten by the Catalan

The next basketball matches of the Euroleague ULEB are over. CSKA defeated the Berlin “Alba” and the Moscow “Khimki” couldn’t resist against the Spanish “Barcelona”.

Biathlon. Tora won but Dasha wouldn’t surrender

    In Holmenkollen, Norway the women sprint is over and this race gave no reasons of joy for the Russian supporters. The next victory is obtained by Tora Berger and the Daria Domracheva, the biathlete from Belorussian, showed good result, Dasha proved that she was able to compete with Berger for the golden medals.

Tennis. 100 years in professional area

100 years ago the International Tennis Federation (ITF) was founded. This organization made the tennis as we got used to see it: rules, competitions and championships, various awards and of course, the world ranking.

Biathlon is back to Norway




The next Biathlon World Cup stage got off the mark in Holmenkollen, Norway. All the spectators’ attention will be paid to the Fourcade – Svendsen duel, but the Norwegian biathlete doesn’t participate in the first races because of illness. The French is disappointed because he is eager to obtain an absolute victory over Svendsen.

Waiting for the Copa del Rey final

The second semifinal match has been finished and we knew the names of the final duel participants. In the first leg “Sevilla” was defeated by the Madrilenian “Athletico”. The second leg was held under the same scenario but there were some changes.

Freddie Mercury’s ashes have been found

  The famous rock-band “The Queen” fans are sure that they found the burial place of their “idol” Freddie Mercury. “The Queen” admires claimed that there was a table in the one of the London cemeteries. The table was devoted to the great musician. After the Freddie’s death, his body was cremated, but the burial place of Mercury became the mystery.

The Catalan tears




The Catalan “Barca” was defeated by the Madrilenian “Real” in the Copa del Rey semifinal match. This duel was very important for both teams and now “blau-granas” have to win the second “El Clasico” in championship to rehabilitate themselves in their supporters’ opinion.

National championships are losing the intrigue




In Europe the representatives of the strongest football states are fighting for the right to become the national champion. The supporters got used that in such kind of struggles the intrigue was saved till the very end. But this year the courses of the national leagues are unexpected. Some national championships have already lost the intrigue.

Cristiano Ronaldo "sponsors" the Madrilenian “Real”

The Portuguese forward of the “Royal club” Cristiano Ronaldo is going to abandon his club in the summer transfer window. His decision is provoked by the existing contract with “the Meringues” according to which the Portuguese has to share the income from advertising. 40% belongs to “Real” and this sum is more that Ronaldo’s salary.

NHL. Datsuk’s “Detroit” defeated their opponents





Regular matches of the National Hockey League were marked by the brilliant victory of the “Red Wings”. “Detroit” beat the Canadian “Vancouver”. Our compatriot Pavel Datsuk assisted twice in this duel and helped his partners to obtain the victory.  “Detroit” scored 8 goals and conceded only 3.

Great “Juventus” and competitive “Inter”

Italy is not only vine, girls or pizza. It’s also Motherland of calcio – the prototype of up-to-date football. Italian football evokes extraordinary emotions. In Italy, football isn’t only a game; it’s also traditions and national peculiarities. “Juventus” occupies the first position in the current Italian football ranking and the Turin team proved his professionalism against “Siena”.

The Russian day in the NHL

The next matches of the National Hockey League are over and the Russian players are an integral part of this tournament. The central duel of the round was the match between “Washington” and “New-Jersey”. Two Russian hockey leaders played against each other. Aleksandr Ovechkin vs Ilya Kovalchuk.

La Liga. The next victories of the Spanish grands

The regular matches are over in the Spanish football championship. The main spectators’ attention was paid to the Catalan “Barcelona” and the Madrilenian “Real”. “The Royal Club” visited La Coruna and “Sevilla” had a strong desire to defeat the Catalan at their “Camp Nou”.

Football. Key matches of the national leagues

The current week-end prepares plenty of interesting matches for the football supporters. We analyze the situation in the European leagues and forecast the most interesting matches of the week-end.

Basketball. Euroleague ULEB.

The next matches of the Euroleague ULEB are over. Russian basketball clubs played against the Turkish. So, Russian supporters have reasons for both joy and sorrow, because “Khimki” won, but CSKA was defeated.

NHL. Russian hockey players in the American teams

In the USA and in Canada the combat for the Stanley Cup continues. Our compatriots take part in this “battle”. The Russian have proved their excellent skills and they raise the Russian hockey prestige.

The Europa League. Matches of the 1/16 stage

The 1/16 Europa League round are over and the Russian supporters celebrate the victories of their native clubs. In other countries both positive and negative emotions were evoked by this stage.

Biathlon. Norwegian vs French

Emil Svendsen showed brilliant results in the Nove Mesto World Championship. Four golden medals were obtained by the Norwegian biathlete. Despite of his great victories, Svendsen occupies the second world ranking position. His rival is the French biathlete Martin Fourcade.

“Milan” impressed the Catalan

The Catalan “Barcelona” visited Milan and was going to obtain the next easy victory. But “Milan” was reluctant to surrender and took the initiative. “Barcelona” couldn’t expect such action.

Emirates without Azarenko

The Qatar tournament is finished. Viktoria Azarenko got her next title and now all the spectators’ attention is paid to the United Emirates, Dubai where the regular tennis championship got off the mark.

The Bavarian “express train” visited London

The Munich “Bavaria” paid a visit to the Foggy Albion and played in London against the local “Arsenal”.

The Czech curse

The World Biathlon Championship in Nove Mesto is over. Our compatriots expected to get there plenty of medals but their plans failed. This tournament became unfortunate for the Russian team. Anton Shipulin is the only member of our national team who got medals. He obtained “bronze” and “silver” in his collection the other Russian participants are “medalless”.

The next Belorussian title

    The regular tennis tournament was holding in Doha, Qatar. Many outstanding tennis players took part in this competition. Plenty of tennis supporters drew their attention to the Russian Maria Sharapova, the Belorussian tennis player Viktoria Azarenko and the US representatives Serena Williams. The main struggle for the trophy developed among these outstanding stars.

    Our compatriot Maria Sharapova played against Williams in the semifinal. Unfortunately the USA tennis player defeated Maria and reached the final. Besides, Serena returned to the first world ranking position which was occupied by Azarenko who beat Radvanska in the second semifinal.

Football week-end

    The football fans have an opportunity to observe plenty of interesting matches in different European leagues each week-end. This one wasn’t an exception.

    Foremost, we should outline the victory of the Catalan grand over “Granada”. “Barca” won 2:1. All two goals were scored by the Argentinean star Leo Messi who put another goals into his goal scorer ranking. It’s impossible to say that the Catalan team obtained the ordinary easy victory but they won and we have no right to judge them. “Barcelona” is waiting for the Italian “Milan” in 1/8 Champions League and that’s why “Barcelona” was eager to get 3 points by making little efforts and this match was of small account for the Barcelonan. Nevertheless they succeeded.

    The Turin “Juventus” visited the Eternal City where they played against the local “Roma”. Rome wasn’t hospitable and the Turin team couldn’t get 3 points. Both “Juventus” and “Roma” had a strong desire to obtain the victory and the result isn’t against the run of a play. We should mention that on Tuesday “Juventus” defeated the Scottish “Seltic” and the Turin football players were a bit tired. Their handicap allowed the football player “to have a rest”.

    The Dortmund “Borussia” beat the “Eintracht” and got the next 3 points. The Dortmund football players scored 3 goals.

    In the English Cup 1/8 match the London “Arsenal” impressed their fans. Negatively! “Arsenal” couldn’t do something against “Blackburn” and as a result - lost the match.

The 50th anniversary of the basketball king

The American legendary basketball player Michel Jordan celebrates his birthday. The outstanding basketball star is 50. He is considered as the basketball king, because of his great results and attempt of popularizing this kind of sport.

    Michel’s basketball career started in the North Carolina university team where he had an opportunity to train with outstanding basketball masters. In this team Jordan was set at the position of the shooting guard, which wasn’t Michel’s usual position, but soon he got used. In 1982 Michel Jordan helped the North Carolina University to obtain the champions title.

The Munich train

The Munich “Bavaria” got the next victory in Bundesliga and it seemed that nothing is able to interfere in their “triumphal procession”. The Bavarian train picked up his speed and now it’s rushing to the silver salad-bowl. “Wolfsbourg” became the next Bavaria’s victim. We remember such times when “the wolves” were able to defeat Bavarian team and to win the Championship. Butallisflux, nothingstaysstill.

The Chelyabinsk meteorite

The Chelyabinsk region inhabitants were observing the unusual phenomenon – the iron-fall. The bright flash appeared in the clear sky. Then this flash began to move leaving a trace. 10 minutes later the meteorite exploded in the air and its fragments damaged several building of the region.

The second European division

The Champions League got off the mark and the second important Old World tournament is preparing for beginning. The Europa League. On the contrary of the Champions League, our country has the representatives in the Europa League who are able to continue their “struggle” for a trophy. They are the Saint Petersburg “Zenit”, the Kazan “Rubin” and the Makhachkala “Anzhi”.

Wednesday draws

Wednesday 1/8 Champions League matches are over. The English played against the Spanish football club. “Manchester United” visited the Madrilenian stadium “Santiago Bernabeu” where they fought with “Real”. According to all the prognosis “Real” was supposed to be the duel favourite and to press their opponents constantly. Nevertheless, “Manchester” proved that the forecasters were mistaken. “MU” was a worthy competitor of the “Royal Club”.

Cristiano Ronaldo is waiting for his native club

“Manchester United” will come to the “Santiago Bernabeu”, where they will play against the Madrilenian “Real”. This match is supposed to be very interesting, because each football team has a strong desire to be in the quarterfinal round and to continue “the struggle” for the Champions League trophy.

The match background of these teams contains several matches. The “MU” was the Madrilenian opponent in the Champions League quarterfinal stage in 2000 and in 2003. That time all the duels were won by the “Royal Club”. However, the “Real” of that years differed from the nowadays Madrilenian club. There were such football stars as David Beckham, Raul, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidan in that “Real” and the Madrilenian football players were called “galacticos”. This nickname contained something proud.

One more interesting fact is that the Madrilenian leader Cristiano Ronaldo is going to play against his native team. The Portuguese has been the Manchester football player for 6 years and got the Champions League Cup with “MU”.

“Royal Club” has several “casualties”. The main is the absence of their goal keeper Iker Casillias who won’t be able to help his team in the match against “MU”.

In the second Wednesday match the Donetsk “Shahtar” will measure themselves with the Dortmund “Borussia”. The German football club “lost” their captain Robert Levandovsky who obtained the disqualification for three matches. 

Champions League. To be continued…

We are waiting for the play-off rounds of the Champions League and now this moment came. The first teams which opened the new European Cups season were “Juventus”, “Celtic”, PSG and “Valencia”.

The Fed Cup 50th anniversary

The famous tennis championship – Fed Cup, celebrates the 50th anniversary. The first women’s tournament was hold in 1963 dedicated to the International Tennis Federation 50th anniversary. This year the ITF will be 100!

Rafael return

The legendary Spanish tennis player will continue his “struggle” for new trophies and cups. Rafael Nadal missed two tennis seasons because of knee injury and now he recovered and Rafa is going to prove that he is still the best tennis player. The main opponents of the Spaniard are Roger Federer, Andy Marray and Novak Djokovich.

Olympic hockey quartets

All the participants of the Sochi Olympic Games group stage are determined. 9 teams were already known and three more “tickets” have found their owners in the elimination round. They are Latvia, Slovenia and Austria. 12 ice hockey teams created 3 groups – A, B, C.

The black continent has chosen the champion

 The African cup of Nations is over. Passions have subsided and we found out the African football kings who would sit on this throne till the next tournament. This team is Nigeria who had a strong desire to win the trophy and the fortune smiled on them. Burkina-Faso could do nothing against “super eagles”.

Norwegian miracle and Russian “bronze”

In Czech Nove Mesto women’s and men’s pursuits came to the end. Finally Russian supporters obtained reasons for joy. Anton Shipulin got a bronze medal, which became the first medal obtained by our team in Czech Republic this year.

6:1. Made in Catalonia

Spanish football championship is marked by the next victory,  executed be the Catalan “Barca” who defeated “Getafe” on their home “Camp Nou”. The guests had no chances to obtain the victory in the away match, because the Catalan football players took the initiative in the very beginning of the first half.

Bavarian master-class and the Turin victory

The Munich “Bavaria” proved once more that they are Bundesliga championsby defeating “Shalke-04”. The Bavarian broke into pieces the Gelsenkirchen defense and Alianz-Arena celebrates the next Munich victory.

Week-end preview. Spectacular football duels

Football fans expect the real holiday this week-end. The most interesting matches in various national football championships are going to get off the mark. The most charged atmosphere will prevail in the Italian tournament ranking.  

The Czech podium is again without Russian biathletes

In Czech Republic the biathlon championship continues but our compatriots can’t get medals. In men’s sprint the best Russian result is the 5th position. DmitryMalyshko demonstrated this result.

Russian "gifts" for European leading football teams

The Russian football Championship isn't so strong and popular as Spanish, Italian or English. There are some famous football players in our main clubs, but most of european football stars refuse to play in Russian teams. The only exception is "Anzhi" which lookes money right and left. Most of football players dream to be in this club because of a high salary and opportunity to get great sum of money. They aren't interested in the club history or traditions.

Norwegian joy and Russian disappointment

The biathlon world Championship got off the mark in Czech Nove Mesto. The first event of the tournament was the mixed relay. Russian supporters obtained no cause for celebration. Our team had good chances for obtaining the place on the podium. Russian biathletes are experienced masters and they are confident in their abilities. Nothing boded troubles.

Unhappy birthday

Ecuador national team has been in Portugal where they played a friendly match with the local team. The Portuguese had a strong desire to win the match and to obtain psychological support before the elimination games.

Foggy Albion wasn't hospitable

Friendly matches are over and all the national teams are going to continue their elimination games for the foregoing Brazilian mundial. The central friendly match was the Anglo-Brazilian duel, which occurred to be very spectacular. There were plenty of moments, great goals and, of course, presence of intrigue.

African football leaders

The African Cup of Nations is coming to the end. Semifinal duels are over and we know the names of final match participants.

Great Leo will stay in Catalonia

Catalonian star extended the existing contract with his native "Barcelona". The term of the new contact is 5 years and this agreement became the 6th between the Argentinean and his native Catalan team.

Welcome to Nove Mesto

New world biathlon championship round will get start on Thursday. All outstanding biathlonists came to Czech Republic with the hope to win the competition. Which emotions will the Russian supporters fill and what can expect our national biathlon team? Let's judge the chances of sportsmen in the forthcoming championship.

Hasta la vista or waiting for "Camp Nou".

Catalan team visited "Santiago Bernabeu" where "blaugranas" were going to play their first semi-final match for the Spanish Cup. To say that the game was spectacular means to say nothing. Great passes, high technical skill, dribbling. Fans had an opportunity to observe all the football dummies in the game called "El Clasico". Looking at such a game you understand that football is more than ordinary game. It's a kind of the art.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the goal … in the Madrilenian net

Madrilenian "Real" paid a visit to Granada where the legendary grand tried local team's strength. That match was supposed to be unspectacular. It was obvious that "Real" was going to get ordinary simple victory against an outsider, but the events on the pitch didn't correspond the forecast.

Davis Cup. "G 8"

Round of 16 is over and we know all the names of the quarterfinal participants. In most cases, results coincided with forecast, but some sensations took place. The main one is the Kazakhstan's victory over the Austrian.

Most forecasts predicted that the Kazakhs wouldn't be able to overcome the Austrian but despite all the prognosis, they have a chance to compete with their contestants in the quarterfinal.

Russian triumph

In Italian Fiemme Valley the annual ski competition called Tour de Ski came to an end. This cross-country skiing is the real test on professionalism and endurance. This competition is also trial which check sportsmen's self-control. The final day of Tour de Ski was supposed to be tense and full of intrigue.